Frequently Asked Questions


Where is Cádiz situated?
How do I get there?
How many habitants does Cádiz have?
Are there many tourists?What are the prices like?
Which kind of sports are offered in Cádiz?


What does the name Melkart mean?
Is the school situated in the historic part of the town?
How many students will be in my class / in the whole school?
Why is it so important to have very small classes?
Where are the students from?
What does linguistic exchange mean?
How do I know my language level?
What will happen if I don´t like the course, the level of my class or if there are any other problems?
Do I get a certificate at the end of the course?


Where are the flats?
How will I find out the address of my flat or of my family?
How are the families chosen and are they living near to the school?
Will it be possible to stay in my flat or with my family after the end of my course?

General Conditions

How can I register for a course?
How is payment made?
What will happen if I have to cancel my course?