Travel Insurance for foreign students - ASTES

The coverage

In the following, we describe our basic coverage for foreign students who come to Spain. We have selected the coverage that we consider to be the most essential and effective.

Indemnification and Capital Assurance

Medical Treatment
Individual Accidents

The procedure

The most important point is that medical coverage for covered procedures is unlimited (not counting chronic or pre-existing conditions). ASTES pays the physicians and hospitals directly. As a result patients can receive care with minimal hassle.

ASTES indicate hospitals in the city where the insured lives. He receives medical care at the expense of ASTES without paying anything to the hospitals.

Our coverage is not only valid in the city where you live; it is valid in all regions of Spain during the time that is listed on your individual certificate.

The information on your insurance certificate is divided in several places. On the face of the certificate you can find the insurance policy number, which appears in the title block. Also the name of the insured, the period of validity and the covered benefits which you receive, are listed there. Inside the certificate is a list of covered risks. This list must be signed by the insured and ASTES. In the following page there are instructions to follow in case of an incident.


The cost of this travel insurance is 7,50 Euros per week.