Twenty years of Centro Melkart

Fuegos artificiales Noche de San Juan

This year our language school turns 20! Since 1995, the year in which our school was found with a lot of enthusiasm and joy, many students have passed through our center. Certainly many of our alumni will read these lines and longingly remember their time in Cádiz and in our language school Centro Melkart and think: “I was there 10 or 15 years ago…".

The reason is that Cádiz leaves its marks on everyone who visits this lovely city. We hope that our school also left marks in the hearts of our students who once took classes with us.

Quite often we remember some students, events and anecdotes of the last 20 years – we still remember them as if it were yesterday and often laugh about stories which happened here.

Furthermore we have to say that it is an awesome feeling to transmit your own culture and language to different people from all over the world!

Beyond that, having the opportunity to getting to know these people and at least a part of their culture, enriches us not only as teachers but also as private persons.

¡Happy Birthday Melkart!