Learn Spanish in Cadiz in our School of Friends

In our Spanish Language School Melkart we have been teaching Spanish since 1995 to hundreds of students from all over the world and we have become famous for our excellent teachers and friendly atmosphere. Our Spanish school is situated in one of the most beautiful and magical parts of Andalusia - Cadiz - a town of the sun soaked Costa de la Luz, surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean and marvellous beaches. Come and visit us in a typical Andalusian house in the centre of the historical part of Cadiz. You will be greeted by us and our team of qualified and experienced Spanish teachers who all share one great passion: their love for Spain and the Spanish language.

Our method of education, accredited by the Cervantes Institute, is based on motivation, communication and practical experience. We offer a wide range of Spanish courses designed to meet our student’s needs. Our classes consist of up to seven students of the same level (eight in some levels), with an average of four, to assure an efficient learning of the Spanish language.

During your stay in Cadiz you will live in fully furnished and carefully selected flats located in the very centre of the old town of Cadiz, within easy walking distance from our school and the beaches. For those of you who want to experience living with real Spaniards, we have welcoming and friendly host families waiting to meet you.

What’s more, you can also enjoy an extensive program of extracurricular activities which will help you better understand the Spanish culture, our customs and traditions and during which you can practice your Spanish outside the classroom.

Studying Spanish in Spain is the best and most pleasant way to make a rapid progress towards your language goals! So do not hesitate and learn Spanish in Cadiz, experience the Spanish culture, make friends and live an adventure! We are expecting you here at Melkart!

»La escuela me ha gustado mucho. Los profesores son muy amables y enseñaron muchas cosas.«

Andrea Seitz, 25 Jahre, Deutschland

La gastronomía española

07.05.2015 - Centro Melkart - Gastronomía

Desde antes de los romanos, la Península Ibérica ha recibido influencias de muchas culturas y regiones y su gastronomía ha ido evolucionando a lo largo de los siglos, con cada nueva invasión o conquista. Incluso hoy la cocina española continúa evolucionando y sigue siendo una de las mayores valedoras en la promoción de la saludable dieta mediterránea.


El Flamenco en Japón

20.04.2015 - Centro Melkart - Flamenco

Did you know that there are more than 50,000 Flamenco lovers in Japan?
Could you believe this significant number? Even though Spain is in the almost other side of the world, Japan has been in the ranked 2nd largest country of flamenco lovers, following Spain.